Refund Policy

we offer many different, courses, software and even live training to our students each of which has its own refund policies. all sales are final.
Below are listed the current offerings
Amazon FBA course All sales are final.
the elite course All sales are final.

the Affiliate Marketing Workshop All sales are final.

the elite-pro course All sales are final on your initial purchase.

Seller journey e-commerce Masterclass All sales are final.

 Live training, coaching All sales are final.
for the courses that include softwares
All services will renew until canceled by the student. we will email the student's primary email address prior to renewal of services, it is the student's responsibility to cancel services prior to renewal as no refund can be made once renewal has occurred. Students must notify us at least 72 hours before a service is renewed if they wish to cancel that service. The cancellation process must be fully completed by you before your account is previous billings will be refunded.

all the special offer courses sales are final.

Our policy is linked on all our landing pages and it's up to you to do your due diligence before purchasing products.
We are not responsible if you purchase our products without looking at our policies and terms.

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